Core Guard

Core Guard

A metal frame is formed by joining the bezel and the back cover with four stainless-steel pipes. An resin inner case is installed inside the frame to protect the module from direct shocks. A fine resin shock absorber is inserted between the bezel and the case and a suspension effect alleviates impacts from shocks.

Layered Composite Band

Composite Band

The band has acquired greater dignity and reduced weight simultaneously through the integration of lightweight but durable fine resin parts into metal parts.

Forge-Molded Parts

Forge Molded Parts

The bezel and case back are both molded from metal pellets. These pellets are repeatedly subjected to a pressure molding process to produce robust, highly elaborated metal parts that exude high quality.

Carbon-Fiber Hands

Carbon Fiber

A carbon-fiber material with low specific gravity is used for the hour, minute and second hands. The resulting weight reduction has made it possible to enlarge the hands and achieve quicker hand movements.

Dual Coil Motors

Dual Coil

The motors driving the hands in the World Time inset dial at 6o’ clock are high-torque dual coil motors that achieve high-speed hand revolution. City times are displayed more quickly, and adjusting the pace at which the hands are driven enables creation of original hand movements. *Patent pending

Sallaz Polishing

Sallaz Polishing

The pinnacle of polishing techniques is applied to selected areas of the case and the bezel to create stunning mirror-finished surfaces. Ahighly abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal material affording clear visibility is employed for the watch crystal.