Born: July 3, 1981
Hometown: Madrid, Spain


I am from Madrid, Spain. And right now I live in Luxembourg which is the center of Europe where I can easily travel everywhere within Europe, which I am thankful for due to my busy schedule. I am sponsored by, Red Bull, G-Shock, Orbea Bicycles, Arnette Eyewear, Freegun Underwear, Tenga Adult Toys, as well as some “friendly supporters”, such as DC shoes, Le Fix fashion clothing, Fat Moose Outerwear, Evoc luggage equipments and Ares Bikes BMX parts.

I grew up riding the streets of Madrid and BMX was my only way to escape from the stress in the city! I fell in love the day I saw BMX Flatland! It was in a big park in Madrid “Retiro Park” (like central park in NYC) and I saw a lot of guys riding and I just loved the fun of it, the fashion and the lifestyle! I was lucky to be the youngest from the Old School riders and I learned all the basic tricks that lead me to become a creative and original rider today, i.e. in my view a professional rider. Back then there were no online videos or other social media to be inspired from, so I learned everything by myself after imagining how certain positions could possibly be done, after looking at them over and over in BMX magazines.

Bike parts were hard to find and constantly broke, due to their low quality, but it got a big knowledge of how the engineering of BMX bikes work and after this it lead me to become a bike designer having nowadays my signature bike in regular bike shops, a dream come true. I am very happy and I feel blessed that my life was like that at a start, hard start with satisfying results in the end of the day! Without all these challenges to fight I wouldn’t be here today!

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I learned all the basic tricks that lead me to become a creative and original rider today.

- Viki